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                關於我們 About us
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                   Hunan xiangjun Construction Engineering Company Limited (formerly known as Hunan Province, Xiangxiang City Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1984, after nearly 30 years of experience, we’re a contract enterprises that up-graded from the four level to first grade, from small to large, from weak to strong, being xiangtang and Hunan high-quality one during the continuous 10 years, also awarded with Lotus Award, for the efforts, we’re leading the industry. Registered capital RMB 50.2 million and the net asset is RMB 71.25 million.And with 12 person first level constructor, 16 of second level, and 315 of ordinary levels (senior title 14people, intermediate title 93 people, qualified ones are 238) ,have all kinds of equipments about 498 sets (pieces)
                          While doing a good job in Hunan provinces, we extending the business in Dongguan City, Yangchun City, Yangjiang City of Guangdong, Quanzhou and Pingtan County of fujian, The business of house,industial, municipal road makes a chance for more than 800 people .The company had been first company that ISO9001 authorized in the xiangtan city 2006, also with the OHAS18001 and ISO14001.and leveled as no.25 in Xiangtan Fortune 100 private company, and leveled as no.2 in Xiangtan private construction company.In 2011 awarded with"contract focused and promises keeping " unit by the Hunan provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, at the same time named as "AAA grade credit enterprise" by the people's Bank of China branch in Xiangtan city.Our company always adheres to the principle of "credibility of the first, The user is supreme ", We keep the faith of quality of survival, reputation of development when in construction.We won unanimous praise from all sectors of society and building departments must for long-term " fast, excellent, good, honesty’ service.Company carrying out the spirit of "hard work, innovation, cooperation, dedication", adheres to the "strict, fine" management philosophy. "good faiths, innovation efficiency, return to society" business principles and "Founding integrity, customer satisfaction," the quality policy. Let the superior products, quality, and boutique growing corporate image. Warmly welcomes the social from all walks of life to negotiate business, and seek common development